Tue. Dec 5th, 2023
Intuit Mailchimp Launches AI email content generator

The World renowned email Marketing service provider launched its own Generative email generator in a beta version. 

Rania Succar, CEO of Mailchimp said, “We’re on a mission to make Mailchimp where marketers can effortlessly produce content optimized for their brand and their marketing channels, as well as their objectives, and all members of their audience.” ChatGPT and AI have been receiving a lot of attention in recent years. This technology is a support tool for marketers. We want to make it easy for them to use AI to automate, create, and optimize content. They can save time and feel confident that the information we provide will help them achieve their goals.

After the acquisition of Mailchimp in 2021, Intuit’s AI driven expert platform became part. Mailchimp now has access to even more advanced data and tools to help it solve its customers’ most difficult AI problems. Intuit is a pioneer in AI innovation, helping its customers solve their most pressing problems. It has accelerated personalized AI at scale for over 100 million small and large business customers.

Mailchimp has over 20 AI and data science features built into the app. These include Creative Assistant, Content Optimizer and Send-Day Optimization, Predictive Segmentation and Product Recommendations. They are designed to help small business owners and marketers save time, make better marketing decisions, and send more effective campaigns. Mailchimp generated over 8 million data-backed suggestions in 2022 with its AI-powered features. 

Mailchimp has been a digital marketing platform that allows small businesses to manage their email, social media, and physical campaigns all from one platform. It also includes predictive analytics that helps them decide which customers they should target with which messages and when. The company’s goal is to make generative AI more useful and efficient for marketers. This includes those who might have been curious about OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

By Hari Haran

I'm Aspiring data scientist who want to know about more AI. I'm very keen in learning many sources in AI.

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