Mon. Dec 4th, 2023 Introduces its conversational AI, a SaaS platform, has introduced a conversational AI chat feature today, with the goal of assisting users in initiating their online business ventures.

According to the company, this new chatbot is designed to facilitate human-like conversations and offer valuable insights into users’ specific business objectives. Additionally, the AI chatbot will provide customized solutions tailored to individual enterprises.

During the interaction, users can engage in in-depth dialogues, with follow-up questions precisely aligned with their responses.

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The AI-powered system then generates recommendations related to the essential components required to establish their online business profile. These components encompass a wide range of elements, including website templates, e-commerce features, various applications, imagery, tone preferences, textual content, and more.

Guy Sopher, Head of AI Assistant at Wix, stated, “Our AI chatbot comprehends the information required to build a comprehensive online business. Initially, the chat identifies and categorizes the user’s business based on its type. Subsequently, we suggest the most suitable components based on the entire conversation. It uses these conversations to create the initial business components for the user.”

Sopher further explained that the more information users provide about their business venture, the more accurate and comprehensive the online business profile becomes. He compared this personalized approach to having a custom-made product rather than buying something off-the-shelf.

Wix has been involved with AI since 2016 when they introduced Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), their first AI website generator.

Since then, Wix has consistently expanded its AI-powered features for web development.

Leveraging Generative AI to Address User Queries Wix emphasized that the level of detail users provide directly influences the degree of personalization in the final results. For instance, the AI chatbot asks about the user’s target audience and generates sample blog posts tailored to their specific needs. The conversation continues until all the necessary data is collected.

Simultaneously, a business profile is generated, organizing and categorizing all the required applications. Upon concluding the conversation, new users are directed to a personalized dashboard tailored to their business, where they can manage all the components.

Within this dashboard, users have the freedom to further customize and adjust tools and designs as needed before publishing their websites.

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